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कौन सी बैचलर डिग्री सबसे अच्छी


दोस्तों ,ग्रेजुएशन में सब्जेक्ट्स choose  करने  में   स्टूडेंट्स कंफ्यूज हो जाते है कौन सा सब्जेक्ट अच्छा रहेगा ..इसका सबसे अच्छा उपाय यह है की आप सबसे पहले अपने रूचि तलाशिये ….और कुछ नहीं …बाकी काम नीचे दी हुई लिस्ट पर छोड़ दीजिये

 Bachelor Degree Level
(B.A./B.Com/B.Sc.) (3 Years)

इनमे से कोई तीन सब्जेक्ट्स का चुनाव कीजिये ….कुछ कॉम्बिनेशन के लिए अपने होने वाली भावी यूनिवर्सिटी या कॉलेज में संपर्क कीजिये



2. Chemistry

3. Zoology

4. Botany

5. Mathematics

6. Earth Science

7. Bio-Chemistry

8. Bio-Physics


10. Horticulture

11. Bio-Science

12. Forestry

13. Home Science

14. Marine Science

15.Environmental Science

16. Library and Information

17.Instrumental Tech.

18. Journalism


20. Wild Life

21. Social Works

22. Dairy Science

23.Physical Education

24. Textile Chemistry

25. Forensic  Science

26. Nursing

27. Ophthalmic Techniques

28. Medical Technology

(in Radiography)

29. Speech and Hearing

30. Veterinary Science

31. Medical Technology
(X-Ray and Lab.)

32. Geology

33. Geography

34. Statistics

35. Population Studies

36. Economics

37. History

38. Philosophy

39. Political Science

40. Sociology

41. Archaeology

42. Music and Musicology

43. Nautical Science

44. Electronics

45. Microbiology

46. Psychology

47. Mineral beneficiation

48. Nutrition

49. Parasitology

50. Paste Control

51. Plant Control

52. Plant and Crop Genetics

53. Rural Development

54. Soil Science

55. Textile Chemistry

56. Commerce

57. Language (Hindi, English, Bengali,
Gujarati, Arabic, Punjabi, Persian, Sanskrit, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.)

58. Music

59. Dance

60. Folk Arts

61. Sculpture

62. Mridangam

63. Veena

64. Violin

65. Special Education

(Hearing Impairment)

66. Thermal Energy and Environ.

67. Mental Retardation

68. Ceramics and Composites

69. Speech Pathology

70. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engg.

71. Nursing

72. Science of Physical Education, Health Education and Sports

73. Industrial Chemistry


75. Family and Child Welfare

76.Business Management

77. Food and Technology

78. Agro-Chemistry and Paste Control

79. Applied Psychology

80.Agrochemical and Paste Control

81. Hindustani Music

(Vocal and Instrumental)

82.Nutrition and Health Education

83. Agro-Chemicals and Fertilizers

84. Mathematical Statistics

85. Applied Nutrition and Public Health

86. Vocational Studies

87. Child Welfare

88. Islamic Studies

89. Defense Studies

90. Dyes and Drugs

91. Fine Chemicals and

92. Geo-Chemistry

93. Geology and Mineralogy

94. House Hold Art

95. House Hold Science

96. House Keeping and Maintenance

97. Human Anatomy

98. Human Nutrition

99. Industrial Chemistry

100. Interior Design and Environment

101. Numerical Mathematics Dietetics

102. Food Services Management

103. Pathology

104. Pharmacology

105. Poultry Science

106. Seri cultureship and Wool

107. Soil and Soil Conservation

108. Plant Protection and Horticulture

109. Computer Integrated Manufacturing

110. Product Design

111. Manufacturing Systems Engg.

112.Child Care and Training

113. Thermal and Fluids Engg.

114. Metallurgical Process Engg.

115. Environmental Science and Engg..

116.Analytical Methods of Chemistry

117. Bio-Chemistry Business Chemistry

तो दोस्तों अपने मनचाहे सब्जेक्ट लेकर ग्रेजुएशन कीजिये ….पढ़ते रहिये बढ़ते रहिये ..एन्जॉय योर success


Santosh Pandey





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  • April , 2017 at 3:50 pm

    I have just given my boards exams, and I m confused about which career to choose,
    I have done my 12th from commerce but I don’t want to do C.A. and C.S. can u suggest me some professional courses I can do.


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