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List Of  Top 52 Highest Paying Indian Keywords Of Adsense

List Of  Top 52 Highest Paying Indian Keywords Of Adsense

List Of Top 52 Highest Paying Indian Keywords Of Adsense


जैसा की आपको पहले ही बता चूका हूँ की अभी आप नीचे दिए कीवर्ड का इस्तेमाल करें और देखने अपने ब्लॉग को आपके लिए पैसा कमाते हुए ..सही और वैल्युएबल कंटेंट अपने ब्लॉग में लिखे जिससे किसी और का भी भला हो यानि उसको हेल्प मिले जब आप वैल्युएबल कंटेंट देते हैं तो गूगल भी आपका मदद करता है..इसी बात को आगे बढ़ाते हुए आज लाया हूँ इंडियन ब्लोग्गेर्स के लिए कुछ हाई कप्स वाले कीवर्ड्स जो आपकी हेल्प करेंगे आपको ज्यादा पैसा कमाने में ….

Donate – Rs.2815
Call Trading – Rs.2223
Software – Rs.2364
Recovery – Rs.2816
Claim – Rs.3033
Conference – Rs.2820
Transfer – Rs.2000
insurance – Rs.3619
Loans – Rs.2966
Credit – Rs.2416
Gas – Rs.3659
Electricity – Rs.3660
Treatment – Rs.2286
Cord – Rs.2491
Blood – Rs.1862
Mortgage – Rs.3157
Attorney – Rs.3147
Lawyer – Rs.2868
Degree – Rs.2720
Hosting – Rs.2137
Bal Majduri – Rs.146.57
Bal Shram In Hindi – Rs.156.88
Health Insurance – Rs.145.10
History Of Web – Rs.77.78
Peepal Information In Hindi – Rs.138.91
Love Marriage Tips – Rs.119.59
History – Rs.77.78
History Articles – Rs.70.22
Historical – Rs.166.09
Kids Stories In English – Rs.122.76
Peepal Tree Information – Rs.183.87
My Health Care In Hindi – Rs.194.45
submit a site to Alexa – Rs. 160.56
99 domain registration – Rs. 155.45
Insurance Plan – Rs.150.11
Children Stories – Rs.148.87
Kids Story – Rs.103.45
Stories For Kids – Rs.106.00
Daily Healthy Tips – Rs.148.77
Healthy Eating Tips – Rs.105.23
Children Stories – Rs.148.00
Historical Museum – Rs.238.84
google Hindi search engine – Rs.240.12
best phone launcher – Rs. 210. 10
wifi password checker- RS. 155.56
Free Stock – Rs.606.76
internet idea – Rs. 540.24
Stock Photo – Rs.387.92
Online Rummy – Rs.278.42
Stock Photos – Rs.215.22
10 min email – Rs. 200.34
Tips For Successful – Rs.163.80

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