1)पर्यावरण-Environment  – Created on 17/07/1997

– 1st Published on 24/12/2014                                                            at (www.santoshpandey.in)

2)जागती आँखों के वो सपने  – Created on 16/06/2003

– 1st Published on 31/12/2014                                                            at (www.santoshpandey.in)

3)जब रिमझिम -रिमझिम वर्षा आती – Created & Published on 07/01/2015   at (www.santoshpandey.in)

4)जिंदगी कट गयी थी– Created & Published on 08/01/2015   at (www.santoshpandey.in)

5) कलियुग का देवता -Created & Published on 13/01/2015   at (www.santoshpandey.in)

6)मैं लिखना चाहता हूँ-Created  on 16/06/2003   and published on 24/01/2015 at (www.santoshpandey.in)

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